What we do

What we do

Our Capabilities

Expert Eye Engineering’s headquarters is based in Casablanca, the economic capital in Morocco, operating on almost 550m2 (5520 sSF), located within 2 minutes from the Twin Center Towers, as well as the second o ce which is located within the heart of the city of Rabat, in order to make us easily accessible by all types of transportation. We dispose one of the newest and exible equipment (work stations, servers, equipment for production and for the presentation) to successfully meet the most required technical requests.

All expert team members are educated and updated on a daily basis about the latest professional softwares in order to adjust with the technological procedure for a high quality process.

Our work

Expert Eye Engineering work on the entire angles of the project’s challenges within the industry of engineering and EPC/EPCM services. Our team is specialized on Oil & Gas (installation of unloading facilities, storage tanks and pressure vessels & loading stations railroad), mines, energies and infrastructures.

Our expertise and knowledge on the industry’s activity allows us to react and respond effectively on our clients needs.

Expert Eye Engineering’s leadership position at the engineering industry express itself through the execution and the results of the quality of projects done for different clients types such as international ones and other major clients recognized as respected leaders of their own industries.

Our portfolio of work showcase great successful cases in the sector of design, construction, commissioning as well as engineering procurement.

  • Study on the technical possibility of the project.
  • Basic Engineering Design
  • Pre-Project details and overview.

Our sectors & activities

Buildings & Structures

  • Logistics platforms
  • Structural buildings in metallic & frames
  • Buildings on all status
  • Large institutions
  • Infrastructures for highways
  • Work of art for the highways
  • Concrete armed tanks
  • Retaining walls
  • Reinforced concrete tunnel
  • Sanitation and roads

Petrol & Energy

  • Hydrocarbon storage facilities
  • Petroleum terminals
  • Gas filling centers
  • Pipelines
  • Manufacturing and production units
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pipes storage
  • Fire protection


  • Handling and storage of bulk products
  • Crushing station
  • Structures (Retaining Walls, Tunnels and Stocks)
  • Boilerwork
  • Dedusting

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